Sunday, December 27, 2009

Working with Talents

The benefit of being a professional - in my case a stuntman - means that I many times get to work with talented people. And when everyone is really good in their own field, it means that there's lot to learn for everyone. Sharing is caring as some might say :) My professional CV can be seen from website WWW.TUNGBUI.COM.

Lately I've been working together with a young talent. His name is Elmeri Rantalainen, and he became known from the Finland's Got Talent TV program. His focus is in Extreme Martial Arts (XMA), which is a hybrid style that uses Martial Arts as a basis for a show performance. See Elmeri's performance on the Talent Show's finals from here.

Elmeri is only 19-years old, and at the moment he is studying to become a sports teacher. In addition to his excellent skills in XMA, he is also quite a rare personality as he seems to know pretty well what he wants in life, and how he's planning to achieve it. And one important thing in his life plans is that he knows it's not going to be an easy job for him. In my opinion it makes one very humble, if he knows that it's not easy to make dreams come true, yet still thriving to do a hell of a lot of work to achieve it. If it's hard, it's worth it as Les Brown would say.

I hope Elmeri will never stop believing in himself and in his dreams. As I've said to him, it's the personality of a person that will take him to the furthest. But skills are also a necessity in the journey, especially if one wants to be as self-sufficient as possible. Having both awesome skills and a good personality makes a person very wanted partner to work with. This is good if you get to work with people who also have something to give to you. But many times people want to work with talents just to get something from them. Wisdom is about identifying the right from wrong, even if the wrong feels very much like the right.

Me and Elmeri after our 1st trainings together on 18th December 2009. Photo by Laura Koskinen.

Some wannabe-fancy picture that we just HAD to take ;) Photo by Laura Koskinen


  1. That's perfect I'd like to be surrounded by those talent people because I practice this martial art but I should improve my skills.

  2. This is working with talents because just seeing the images we can realize they're really good, just look the jump one of those men got, he seems like flying or levitating.