Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teaching Acrobatic Body Control

Acrobatic Body Control (ABC) is a discipline of combined movement that I've developed. It's not really anything new, as it just combines my skills in acrobatics, martial arts, parkour and in various dancing styles. It's main focus is in the development of person's body control using movement (not eg. static muscle training). So far I've founded acrobatics to be one of the most challenging discipline of movement, therefore I use it as a measuring sport. If a person can do acrobatic techniques well I believe that his body control skills are above normal. I develop a person's body control skills so that eventually he could be able to do acrobatics in an ecological and natural way. ABC is based on my philosophy of movement that I call Body Dynamics.

This week I have already held three different classes. Tuesday's morning class is at 7.15 - 8.15am, which means that I wake up already at 5.00am. Fortunately, when we start the class people usually wake up pretty well :) On the same day I had shootings for a TV series. I was a member of a criminal underworld, and in my scene I had a minor fight scene with the lead actor. It was fun! :D Hopefully the scene works on television!

Wednesday evening I held another class, this time at 20.30 - 21.30. Below is a picture of the small group of people from Finn-Aiki aikido club. Even though, I'm a 1. dan black belt karateka, and I teach for martial arts clubs, we don't wear a budo outfit in the ABC classes. This is because, I see ABC only as a supportive discipline for the main sport people are training. And as it is about body control, not martial arts, sports trousers and a t-shirt is more than perfect training clothing :)

Thursday morning I had another ABC class. This class is mainly intended for professional actors and performers. I also welcome my old students there to whom I've taught acrobatics some time before :) See the picture below for the attendees (from left: Aarni, Jarkko, Maria and Tiina).

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