Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Real-life Gamer

I was invited as a guest speaker to a Youth Center Happi. This youth center's focus is on game playing youngsters, therefore it has multiple PC's that are connected to the internet. People can play internet based multiplayer games for free as long as there's room for everyone.


I went there to give a presentation about 'How I've applied games in real-life'. I have played games since the first Atari's Ping-Pong game with two white sticks and a rectangular ball on the screen. It was tremendously fun game back in the 80's ;) As I've grown older the role of game playing in my life has change dramatically. For example in the year 2001 I decided that won't play games at all. I also decided not to watch television anymore. I still don't watch television but games I started to play again on the Christmas of 2007. For the last few years, Christmas has been a period of 2 weeks in my life, when there's nothing going on. I've decided to use that free-time efficiently and play through games that I'm interested in. Once a year I get a quick overview of how games have evolved, and in addition I get a good feeling that I've managed to play through a challenging game (or non-challenging)!


My favorite game type is the role-playing game (Final Fantasy, Fallout 3 etc.). I usually choose to play the good guy, and I try to develop him to become even better as person. In a similar way I build my own life in reality. I learn and develop new skills constantly, and I try to put them in good use. Every now and then I might also play 3D-shooters, 3D-action games and racing games. My last exceptional experience was the Lips sing-along game on Xbox 360. I first practiced singing with that game and after few weeks I had the guts to go sing karaoke with few of my friends. At some point we managed to go sing karaoke once a week. I think I developed as a singer quite well, although I'm very, very, very far away from being a talented singer :) But it's fun skill, and I feel successful when my friend's don't have to cover their ears when they hear me singing ;)


In my case games are a good way to learn new things. In role-playing games you can even try out your moral beliefs. It's easier to do bad things in a game but these days some of the games are so well made, that if you do a bad thing, it might really get you depressed. At least they affect me, therefore I also try to be as good as possible even in games.

Sometimes I also use games as a hiding place from reality. But again, advancing in a game makes me feel better; Like I've achieved something. And when I bring this confident, good feeling back to reality, my real-life seems to be advancing in an easier way as well.

For some game playing can be an addiction. As with any kind of addiction, if it controls you, it's not good. But if you control your addiction, then it's okay. Everything done in a moderate level is usually sustainable in the long-run. Top-athletes are always on the edge of going too far. But I bet they understand it better than an average person, when enough is enough.

You are the only one who can live your life to the fullest. If some addiction controls the direction of your life, then you're not necessarily making all the decisions in your life. Know who you are, and then maximize your potential. It's not an easy path but I bet it's damn worthwhile in the long run!

'Perfection with Passion'


My friend Riku who invited me to event.


  1. Thank you Tung for this inspirational post! My personal opinion is that the real life is just a game like the rest of them.

    I've written about this subject also in my own blog. My message is that instead of putting endless amount of effort in building your virtual character, you could actually do the same thing in real life.

    Tung is a good example of a person who knows how to build his character in the real world and how to level up to be something great.


  2. Millionbefore30, thank you for your comment! I read your own blog, and I'm happy to hear similar thoughts from someone else!

    You said that some people argue that building a character in real world is too slow. That is true if you compare to a computer game that is made to last about 40 - 500h game playing hours. If you play a game for 500h you should definitely become a true Master in it. 500h invested in real life might not make you a Master but is still an investment. And as in financial investments, it's not the amount you invest but the return of investment that counts. Investing in real life gives real life returns. Investing in games is a lot more trickier. There aren't many people out there who can make their living by just playing games (gambling games excluded!).

    In games the end result might matter the most. But in my opinion it's the process that matters the most in real life. Therefore, I can totally say Viva la Vida!!!

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